5 Spring Style Tips for Gentlemen

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How you can shine when it’s always raining

Duckies are amazing.

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So apparently the weather is never going to be nice again, which is a real shame.  Also, Western New York seems destined to get more rain than the Pacific Northwest this spring.  Hey, we’re the new Seattle!  Instead of the Space Needle, we have a rusted casino frame.  NICE.  Anyhow, here are some tips for staying stylish ever when faced with a never-ending downpour.

1.) Wear a raincoat.  Well, duh.  But not that yellow slicker your five-year-old nephew wears, or the beat-up old trench coat that looks like it belong in the vice squad evidence locker.  Invest in a brown cotton mac coat by d’Avenza, gentlemen, and you’ll be praying for rain.  And possibly a winning lottery ticket.  But you’ll look great!

2.) Get a real umbrella.  Yeah, that umbrella you won at the church raffle is functional, but you know you feel a little dumb every time you need to use it.  And what’s with the cane handle at the bottom, granny?  Check out the Steve Hollinger umbrella for Umbrella Couture - this baby does deflect the rain, it shames rain.  Just try not to leave it on the Metro Rail.

3.) Duckies = sweet.  A nice pair of Duckies scream “retro nostalgia” and let you feel like a New England fisherman at the same time.  Plus, in our overconsumptive era of product specialization, owning a pair of shoes that you can only wear in the rain is practically a badge of honor.  What else are you going to do with that $80, pal?  Save it?

4.) What time is it?  Time for a waterproof watch. Hey, are you ever really going to be 200 meters underwater?  If this frigging rain keeps up, and you live next to Cazenovia Creek, the answer is “maybe.”  Besides, you’ll want to look sharp, know the correct time, and take advantage of your unidirectional rotating bezel with a beautiful timepiece from Citizen while you retrieve your treasured belongings from the frigid swamp you once called your storage locker. 

5.) Waterproof pants aren’t just for babies and the incontinent anymore.  Are you an architect?  An engineer?  Longshoreman?  Do you often find yourself battling the elements while earning your daily bread?  me neither!  Doesn’t mean we can’t look amazing and stay dry.  Stay comfortable and stylish in a pair of black Outdoor Research Revel Rain Pants.  Yes, they cost $135, but when your denim gets soaked by a monsoon on the way to a night out with your friends, I bet you’d pay half that much just to feel comfortable again.

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