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Look right, Buffalo: Avery knows what’s hot for 2013 - VIDEO

It's our own Avery Hartmans out there on the TV!

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Our own style expert Avery Hartmans of Ask Avery fame made a guest appearance on WNLO-TV’s Winging It! Buffalo Style with Amelia Segal this morning and had some key sartorial advice (particularly for the ladies) for 2013. Watch the video for details, but let’s boil this down for you, fashionable fans of Buffalo.com. Here’s what you need to know:

1.) Emerald green is hot.

2.) Short, full skirts are going to be really big.

3.) Sheer tops and dresses aren’t going anywhere.

4.) Bold stripes are going to be a big deal all year long.

5.) It’s the 50 shades of gray trend—leather is the harsh yet ultimately loving master of your closet.

Check it out:

Ask Avery: 2013 Trend Tracker

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