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Style by Spencer: spring fashion tips for Buffalo men

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Spring has arrived—at least that’s what our calendars say. As we cross our fingers that Sunday finally marked the end to this chilly April, it’s time to note that real spring style is right around the corner. Warm weather means men can get a little more creative with their fashion sense. And for those who never had fashion sense—it’s time to start fresh and act like you always did. Throw away your salt-streaked boots and itchy wool scarves, men of Buffalo. When you walk the streets of the city this spring, my five spring fashion essentials will have ladies doing a double-take at your style.

1.) The bomber jacket

bomber jacket

Bomber jacket’s have a long history. Originating in the military during World War I, they were first used by pilots in France who were issued long leather flying coats to compensate for the chill of an open biplane. Over time, they evolved into a staple for tough, fashionable men. For 2013, the new trend is the baseball-bomber hybrid. Similar to the original bomber jackets, the main difference makes a big change for the appearance—it has a wide round collar that, depending on the designer, can be popped up for style. The hybrids also have contrasting sleeves, making the color is different from the body. It’s important that this jacket is the focal point of your outfit—keep the outfit simple with a pair of slim-fit jeans and casual boots.

2.) The color blue: wear it.

mens fashion blue

You may raise an eyebrow at this—“don’t I wear blue already?” Yes, blue has been a popular color in our closets since the day we were born, but this season, blue is back with vengeance. Blue made a statement in recent high-fashion runway shows. Brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry Prorsum and Hermes weren’t shy about the color. Guys: there are more shades of blue than sky blue and navy. Try mixing your outfits with shades like colbalt, maya or steel blue. Don’t forget complimentary colors to make your outfit stand out—add a touch of white, red or brown to avoid color-blocking. You’re trying to look good, not be mistaken for the plumber.

3.) Real men wear stripes.


At one point in time, people said stripes make you look fat—that’s nonsense. Being fat makes you look fat, and spring is the best season to show off these flashy horizontal lines. Unlike winter, when most of your outfits are covered up by coats, stripes can actually improve your appearance. How you may ask? Simple—they add volume to your core and torso (again, if you are already thick in the middle, it’s not the stripes’ fault). Stripes make you look more athletic. One more reason not to slack off at the gym, fellas—earn your stripes and look more pumped.

4.) Camouflage that actually makes you stand out.


A$AP Rocky once bragged that he’s “camo down to my boxers.” Maybe you don;t want to go that far, but a little camouflage can give your look a little edge. Camo can be worn in any article of clothing from shirt, pants or sneakers. You might be afraid of overdoing it—just start small. Wear a cheap camouflage t-shirt with a denim jacket (see below) and stylish jeans. They also look great with shorts as long there is a favorable jacket to compliment.

Denim blazer

denim jacket

Denim was a big hit back in the 1990s. And the 1980s. And the 1970s, actually. And, well, the 1960s, too. Actually, the 1950s, too. And why not? Denim is casual and can be worn at different types of functions. You must remember: avoid the so-called Canadian tuxedo, wearing denim jeans and a denim jacket that are too similar in color and style. Try contrasting the jacket with lighter-colored pants or heavy khakis.

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