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Driving down Hertel Avenue, you almost don’t notice Modern/Nostalgia, a small storefront tucked in next to Baby Room. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice the delicate gold sign and the beautiful clothes in the window that beckon you to come inside and take a look. And trust me, it’s worth checking out.

The boutique, owned and operated by Bri Klejdys-Long, boasts a wide selection of jewelry and clothing that’s not only beautiful, but affordable as well. The décor alone is enough to make you want to stay and hang out – the walls are decorated with sets of antlers and the tables and armoires showcasing the clothes and jewelry have a rustic, vintage feel.

Klejdys-Long originally opened the store in Allentown, a place she said didn’t get a lot of customers on foot. “It was more of a destination location. Our customers would come to us. Here, we have walking traffic, we have foot traffic,” she noted. “We’re like a fixture in the neighborhood.”

And it’s a neighborhood Klejdys-Long knows quite well – she lives 4 blocks from her store. “It’s really smart, I think, if you own a business, to live where you work,” she said. “You become part of the neighborhood because you’re contributing to the success of the neighborhood. And I love to be able to walk to work, not going to lie.”

Klejdys-Long got her start in the fashion business working at the Ralph Lauren outlet, where she worked for 8 years. She then entered Buffalo State’s fashion program, studying there for 3 years and F.I.T. for 1. “I was going to school initially for international business – that’s what my parents wanted me to do, but I was just like, ‘I hate it.’”

The switch to fashion suited Klejdys-Long much better – she has a great eye for style, judging by the pieces she chooses for the store. “We really have something for everybody,” she said. “We have a lot of classic pieces that have beautiful details and multiple textures. I think that our clothing has to be really functional and practical – it’s Buffalo.”

Klejdys-Long said she also tries to stay away from trends when buying, citing her clothing choices as being a lot more classic. She would give a tip to Buffalonians trying to improve their style, as well: “Work with what you have and add one or two trend pieces. Just add a pop per season…try one trend, try something new, something fun.”

She also gave her opinion of Buffalo’s aversion to belts: “Everybody should own belts and people in Buffalo hate belts! I’ll put a belt on people they literally almost convulse.” You hear that, Buffalo? Time to cinch it.

Modern/Nostalgia is located at 1382 Hertel Avenue and is open every day except Monday. To find out more about the store, visit its Facebook page, facebook.com/modnos.

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