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Passion for Buffalo Fashion: Dripping in jewels

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Shopping in any city can be difficult; Buffalo is no different.

While the selection of stores at the Walden Galleria Mall is immense, spending hours walking around searching for one particular item can be frustrating. Despite this, many Buffalonians head to the mall first when they are looking for that one piece to complete their look. These shoppers are neglecting to take the time to explore the hidden treasures of shopping local in Buffalo.

Many people choose the mall because it’s familiar or they know if they don’t find what they are looking for in one store there are a couple dozen other stores in walking distance. This mentality leads to people missing out on the unique shopping experience that comes from visiting local boutiques and shops over corporate chains.

Maybe if people knew a little bit more about local shopping in Buffalo, they might be more willing to explore these options. This fashion series will open your eyes to some hidden gems in Buffalo and serve as a guide for where to look for the specific piece you need to complete your outfit. 

If you are searching for the perfect statement necklace, Modern Nostalgia should be on at top of your destination list.

Located at 1378 Hertel Ave., Modern Nostalgia opened its second Buffalo location in August 2010 after the success of its first at 95 Allen St.

Many people think spending hundreds on a complete wardrobe makeover is necessary to enliven a dull closet. I think these people are mistaken because adding a few exceptional—and strategic—items can transform a boring closet to a fresh exciting one.

Take a little black dress for example. Adding pearls and a pair of black stilettos to this ensemble creates a classy sophisticated look, while adding a flashy, bold-colored statement necklace paired with a pair of bright heels, makes this formal look transform into a fun one!

Modern Nostalgia’s goal is simple—the business aims to make every closet new again! Accessories allow the wearer’s personality to come to life. With the addition of one bold necklace, an otherwise run-of-the-mill outfit becomes distinctive and extraordinary.

While Modern Nostalgia carries a plethora of fashionable dresses and trendy sweaters, cute jackets and gorgeous scarves, the hidden gem in this store is its jewelry selection.

With statement pieces in just about every color imaginable, there really is a necklace for almost every conceivable occasion in this store.

Modern Nostalgia’s main collection is the boldest, sparkly and most eye-catching one in their store. From jewels to pearls to gorgeous multicolored stones, these necklaces aren’t anything like the ones you’d see in a Forever 21 or Express.

In addition to the main jewelry line, the local business carries a few local collections and some exclusive collections from out-of-state. Modern Nostalgia carries Peg’s Hardware, Ziglets Creative Bits, Amano Studio and Puravida.

Peg’s Hardware is a locally-owned artisan jewelry line. The items from this line are created by re-purposing common hardware items and transforming them into wearable statement pieces. Designed by Gretchen Myers, the jewelry line is a tribute to her grandmother who invested in Myers’ business when she was 14 years old.

Photo Courtesy of Pegs Hardware's Facebook

Reusable materials seem to be a theme for Buffalo artisans. Ziglets Creative Bits’ line is created from scrap leather and new and vintage fabrics. The pieces have a combination of classic neutrals, sophisticated designs and playful patterns that make them stand apart from the typical jewelry line. Ziglets carries necklaces and earrings; Modern Nostalgia carries a selection of Ziglets’ button sized earrings in a variety of patterns and colors.

Photo Courtesy of Ziglets' Facebook

While Amano Studio is not locally made, the items featured in the line are 95 percent made in the USA. This line from Sonoma, Calif., includes four different collections, each with its own style, handcrafted modern, indie tribal, old-time-y romantic collection and the curiosity cabinet. Each of these collections has its own distinctive personality that comes together to complete this stunning line.

Photo Courtesy of Amano Studio's website

Puravida’s jewelry line helps provide full-time jobs to local artisans in Costa Rica. These colorful handmade bracelets are one-of-a-kind. Puravida means ‘pure life’ in Spanish, and the mission from this company is to enjoy life slowly, enjoy the simple things in life and to not take anything for granted.

Photo Courtesy of Puravida's website

So whether you want to be dripping in jewels, rocking vintage jewelry made of hardware items or wearing a handcrafted bracelet made across the world, Modern Nostalgia is the place to visit.

Next time you’re thinking of heading to the mall to find the newest addition to your jewelry collection, think local. Not only does the shop include a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces you wouldn’t find at the mall, it’s affordable too.  Prices ranges from under $20 to around $40 for each piece.

For more information about Modern Nostalgia, check out their website.

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