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Shopping with a stylist: Modern Nostalgia

Allie Hartwick (left) and Lauren Hall of Winging It! Buffalo Style were Molly Hoeltke's guest models at Modern Nostalgia.

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The day of our styling trip—Saturday, Sept. 22— was surely a cozy day for a sweater, the first we have seen in Western New York in a long time. It seemed fitting that we would travel over to the cozy environment of Modern Nostalgia (1382 Hertel Ave., Buffalo).

Placed in a prime location on the most resurgent block in the “new” North Buffalo, Modern Nostalgia sends out a good vibe of easy sophistication, making the neighborhood inherently more chic in its presence. Plaid umbrella and chai latte in hand, I headed in to shop with talented photographer Don Neiman and guest models Allie Hartwick and Lauren Hall, the lovely ladies from WNLO-TV’s Winging it! Buffalo Style.

There is nothing easier than dressing women who love clothes. These ladies not only love clothes but also feel comfortable wearing things in unexpected ways. It takes confidence to try new things in fashion, and easy confidence is what Allie and Lauren have!

I wanted to focus on the energy of the day, so we went in a knit direction. Modern Nostalgia is hands-down the best place in Buffalo to go for comfortable, trendy sweaters and soft cotton knits of the highest caliber. There is no shortage of varying weights and styles, due to owner Brea’s creative curatorial buys and impeccable taste.

Lauren Hall's first look

Lauren’s first look is comprised of lightweight, soft-knit ribbed leggings, a black laser-cut mid-weight cotton tunic and topped with a double-layered multi-weight scarf, making it a very easy drape to compliment a chic silhouette. The most important tip to think of with this look is to consider the weights you are choosing in relation to the cut of the pieces. I used thin knit layers with one another as not to get bulk in the wrong places. Also, to make the look even more streamlined, I chose a modern black-and-grey combo.

Allie Hartwick, weekender style

Allie’s first look is a weekender cabin look, which is absolutely cool in my book. Keeping in with the eco-chic vibe, she is in a Preloved sweater, an awesome label only available here in Buffalo, which makes everything from reclaimed fabrics. I paired this amazing patchwork sweater with a soft and slouchy heather grey and maroon graphic tribal cotton t-shirt and warm brown skinny jeans. I have a pair of these brown skinnys and I LIVE in them. They act as a neutral but can get down like colored denim. This is a modern girl’s version of a t-shirt and jeans.

Lauren Hall's second look.

Lauren’s second look features an outstanding navy blue, black and white native print thick-knit sweater paired with a maroon and gold polka-dot chiffon blouse and classic dark wash skinny jeans. This look is a fun example of breaking the rules and making it work. Typically, I recommend picking a common tone within your patterns if you’re going to mix them, but every rule has its exceptions. Here, the look was too dark and monochromatic to do so. The two dark pieces end up reading collectively as a neutral, making a case for a pop of color, which then plays the main character.

Allie Hartwick sweater + boyfriend blazer

For Allie’s second look, who says the sweater needs to be the top layer? This adorable graphic print pullover is a perfect weight to put under a boyfriend blazer. Make sure to style with the proper rolling and scrunching so that you see and maintain the layering quality (so everything is separated enough) and you’re good to go… pretty much anywhere!

Lauren Hall's third look

In Lauren’s third look, I chose a grey neutral maxi dress in a lightweight knit as my base layer. This is an easy, transitional piece to use in any season. I paired the dress with an edgy black-and-white tye-dye chiffon blouse and a long, soft, sandy, tan cable-knit sweater. This look is a great example of varying both the weight in your knits and length in your layers to create variation and interest.

Allie Hartwick's third look

For Allie’s last look, I featured another great transitional piece—a fitted, asymmetrically cut, mid-weight knit skirt.  This type of skirt can be styled for warmer or cooler fall weather because it is a mid-range knit. I chose an optimistic approach and paired it with this beautiful lace blouse. This skirt could easily work with any warm weather blouse. I couldn’t resist this blouse in particular for its amazingly dramatic open back. A perfect finale piece!

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