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From Skechers website

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So you actually believed Kim Kardashian’s claims that those ugly sneakers were going to replace a healthy diet and rigorous workout routine as means to achieving a hot bod. You are owed money, according to the New York Times.

First off—and just let me get this off my chest— I don’t think you deserve the money, Shape-Ups owner.

You did this to yourself, and you deserve to be out a bunch of bucks if you are a sucker for celebrity advertising. Kudos to Skechers for cashing in on you. You are the marketer’s dream. You are also what is wrong with America.

Federal regulators announced Wednesday that Skechers must pay up to $40 million in refunds for having deceived customers who bought Shape-Ups, Resistance Runner, Toners and Tone-Ups sneakers. Apparently, a lot of suckers actually believed Kardashian and Brooke Burke’s lofty claims that these fug-ugly athletic shoes—and I use that phrase loosely—would tone legs, abs and butts without the consumer actually having to exert much physical energy.

“This settlement forces Skechers to ‘shape up’ by ceasing to make unsubstantiated health and medical claims for their so-called toning shoes. New Yorkers who purchased these shoes as a result of Skechers’ deceptive marketing practices will now be eligible for refunds,” Attorney General Schneiderman said, according to WIVB. “A fair market only exists when there are no false marketing claims that give one company an unfair advantage over the competition. Corporations will not be allowed to mislead consumers into spending their hard-earned money on products that promise what they can’t deliver.”

The “styling walking shoes” (coughBARFcoughHAHAHAcough) were found to promote pretty much none of the claims made in the advertisements. The New York Times points out:

“But a 2010 study financed by the American Council on Exercise looked at three types of toning shoes, including Shape-Ups, and found that they had no increased effect on muscle activation or calorie burn compared with regular athletic shoes. “

If you’re one of the gullible goofs to have made the laughable decision to buy these sneakers, find out about claiming a partial refund at www.ftc.gov/skechers or by calling 866-325-4186.

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