Summer Dos and Don’ts for girls

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Summer Dos and Don’ts for guys

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The official start of summer is only a few days away and with the vernal equinox comes my permission to break out all your favorite warm-weather ensembles. But a whole new season also means tons of new opportunities to commit crimes of fashion. Lucky for you, I’m here to provide a few summer dos and don’ts in order to keep you looking hot as the temperature rises.

Do get a haircut. Summer is not the season for a long mop of hair – it’s time to get trimmed. Plus, I guarantee you’ll be way cooler (literally and figuratively) with a shorter ‘do. Not everyone can pull off a buzz cut, so just trim it short and skip all the time you used to take styling it.

Don’t wear socks with sandals. Please, don’t even consider it. The only time I will let up on this rule is if you are leaving the soccer field and have just stripped off your cleats in favor of a pair of Adidas slides. Honestly, I don’t even know why anyone would want to wear socks and sandals in a social situation, especially because your feet will just be hotter, but don’t ever let me catch you doing it. Ever.

Do invest in some nice shorts. A well-fitting pair of shorts will effortlessly add some style to your look. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but a pair of baggy, unflattering shorts won’t impress anyone.

Don’t wear a tank top.  That is, unless you are also donning oversized glasses, sporting a keffiyeh and riding a fixed-gear bike. Hipsters don’t even want to be mistaken for a hipster so just put the tank top back on the rack at Urban Outfitters and be on your way.

Do add some plaid to your wardrobe. Even if it’s in the form of a belt or a tie, summer is a great time to wear madras. Paired with boat shoes and a button-down with rolled up sleeves, you’ll look ready for yachting or something equally pretentious yet envy-inducing.

Don’t wear jean shorts. I know I’ve said they’re all the rage for women, but on men it’s unacceptable. Best case scenario, you’ll like a hipster (see above). Worst case scenario, you’ll look like an early ‘90s hillbilly. Jorts are never the answer and seeing men wearing them will only upset me.

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