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The Boutique Buyer’s Guide: Lotions and Potions

Sharp fashion in the heart of the city.

blog by Molly Hoeltke  • 

A shopping experience at Lotions and Potions is like having a girl’s night! Ladies, all of your romantic styling and gift giving needs this February can be fulfilled at Lotions and Potions (798 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo), located in the heart of Buffalo’s delightful Elmwood Village. Filled with crystal chandeliers, vintage furniture, and a perfume bar, the atmosphere is just enchanting.

Sue Morales, owner and former model, is equally charming and full of knowledge. She is not only a talented curator for her shop and is a pro at mixing up signature perfume blends tailored to her customers’ taste. Morales is also an emerging jewelry designer. Her newly designed piece, the Strong Woman, necklace is featured in our first look in today’s blog.

We all want to look sexy for a night out. How to accomplish this in a way that allows you to feel comfortable is the most important and misunderstood part of styling. The best advice I can give to women who want to experiment with dressing out of your comfort zone is to make the look your own.

I would not consider myself a particularly “girly,” but I love to incorporate girlish elements into my wardrobe. I consider the following when blending sexy and romantic elements into my life:

1. Decide what you’re trying to accomplish in your look—sexy, girly, romantic, vintage, edgy, etc.  You need a mission statement for your outfit!

2. You can and should blend two elements from your mission statement, so that you aren’t being too literal in your interpretation… but no more than two so you don’t get confused.

3. Lace can be repeated in an outfit if it is different textures.

4. Layered chiffon creates an implied romantic look if you don’t like lace.

5. Add a structured element to romantic fabrics to modernize your look. Use a structured shoe, pencil skirt, button down shirt or a blazer.

6. Lingerie is underrated in the United States and can be worn as a part of an outfit with proper taste level (ask any Parisian woman…or man).

7. Confidence is the best accessory.

8. Mixing dark and light is beautiful with sheer fabrics. It offers a subtle peek-a-boo reference.

9. Try to incorporate one focal point in your look when using romantic fabrics to give your look focus: jewelry, shoes, etc.

10. Own a pair of classic pumps. You can get away with your day to day ankle boots and trendy shoes often, but noting is more important than having your go-to pumps in nude, black (or, in this, case red).

11. You’re beautiful!

Onto the looks.

Look 1: brown lace shirt coat (Available at Lotions and Potions ). Paired with a black tunic, black lace paneled leggings and black spat boots (stylist’s own).

Look 2: white chiffon tie front blouse and chiffon double-layered asymmetrical mullet maxi both by Petit Pois (available at Lotions and Potions). Paired with a black blazer and black ankle boots (stylist’s own).

Look 3:: cream and black dress coat, black leather paneled skirt by BB Dakota, and red lace trimmed camisole (available at Lotions and Potions). Paired with nude lace tights and red pumps (stylist’s own).

All photos taken by Donald Schwartz, freelancer for Buffalo.com.

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