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Trend spotting: Coats of Color, Part I - PHOTOS

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As a Buffalo newbie straight off the boat from Boston, I have come to notice in my past few months here that more than a few qualities between the two cities make them scarily similar.

1) The dedication level of the sports fans
2) The cities’ extreme alcohol tolerances
3) The ability to, without fail, wear the color black every. single. day.

I get it—your brain is still so frozen over from the polar vortex that, when you look at the blah gray color of the sky, you can’t help but reach for the same jacket you wore to a funeral last month.

But come on, if there is going to be a fashion revolution in Buffalo (yes, I’m dreaming big), it must begin with letting go of the color black.

Say hello to princess peach ($73 at Blush). Pink in winter, you are saying? Am I insane? Maybe.

Or maybe this coat is the perfect blend of tangerine and beige that, worn with the right accessories, can be the perfect January pick-me-up.

In September I was so excited to find that this year’s fall and winter trends were full of lightened pastels, and you should be too.

Knowing I was hunting for a coat as I combed through the racks at Blush Boutique, 1005 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, I was not expecting to be drawn to something so different.

The masculine structure of this coat cannot be mimicked, and the lightweight feel is perfect for layering a cozy sweater under or for rocking with a casual tee on those global-warming 50-degree days.

I specifically chose this t-shirt because, as I stopped to laugh at what the front of it read, I became even more intrigued when one of the two Blush owners, Lexie Furlong, gave me the full story behind the threads.

She told me that the designer of this t-shirt company, “Love, Simdog,” created the clothing line as a tribute to her free-spirited brother—nicknamed “Simdog”—who had passed away.

I learned that this witty line looks to encourage others to live life to the fullest with a slogan that reads: “For girls with messy hair and wild hearts.” I was hooked.

This was the best part about shopping at Blush. From her trips to trade shows in NYC, Furlong had so much juicy inside knowledge behind every piece of clothing I picked up. 

For instance, this peach Lucy Paris coat was created by a designer who splits her time between both Paris and Los Angeles, drawing inspiration from both sides of the globe.

I instantly saw French elitism in the silhouette and relaxing California sun in the color selection.

With that said, the versatility of a coat like this is endless. Create a casual weekend look with cuffed jeans, a t-shirt and retro purse like I did here, or pair it on top of neutral-toned skirt for a nice dinner out.

Since the loudness of the coat color remains the focal point, the rest of the outfit should be seemingly effortless.

So say bye bye to black, because there is no reason Los Angeles and Paris can’t pay a visit to Buffalo.

(All photos are courtesy of Buffalo.com photographer Don Nieman—the backdrop is the Elmwood Village and Blush Boutique).

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