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There used to only be one way for a girl to show off her stems, and it all so obviously fell within the seams of the miniskirt.

Pleated, A-line, high-waisted, bandage—when a girl walked into a room wearing any of these mini options, heads turned faster than rubbernecking a four-car pile up on the I-90.

The tricky part about the miniskirt or mini-dress was that you had to have the legs to work it and, if the top part of your body wasn’t properly covered up, you might as well have considered yourself a Vegas showgirl.

In contrast to the miniskirt, the maxi-dress became so popular that smart designers everywhere knew the maxi-skirt was a no-brainer.

Floor-length skirts and dresses created a whimsical feeling that became perfect for a chilly summer night. From plain black to tie-dye, the maxi-skirt and dress became a staple piece for every girl’s closet because of its effortlessly-chic vibe and comfortable fabric.

Coincidentally, this year the fashion industry found a happier marriage than Prince William and Kate Middleton when they introduced the mini and the maxi to each other.

A special skirt length that can easily slip past the untrained eye and be seen as boring is actually one of the most suggestive and flattering cuts of clothing out there. Enter the midi-skirt.

Talk about a secret weapon. This year there is nothing more feminine and attention getting then showing a little calf. Especially if the dress is already form fitting, this elongating hemline immediately dials the tone down to a sophisticated level.

Strutting around in one of these not only makes you feel alluring to on-lookers, but there is something about it that screams power and confidence.

A dress that makes you feel like you can run the world? Yes, please.

I saw this slinky silken number on the racks at The Dress Shop, 89 Allen St., Buffalo, and upon picking it up thought, “Hmm, this could be dangerous.”

When wiggling myself into it, however, and looking into the mirror I was astonished by how long I looked. It was then that I realized the magic of a fitted skirt that hit at or below the knee. I mean, those 1940s girls really had it figured out.

A true midi-skirt brushes the knee a bit lower than this one, but as long as it had that full upper-leg lengthy coverage, it was good enough in my book.

The simplicity of this dress ($44 at The Dress Shop) was like a beautiful blank canvas to me. My mind was running faster than Usain Bolt thinking about the different ways I could style it. Pair a chunky sweater over it to make it look like a pencil skirt or throw on a long trench coat for rainy spring days.

I took more of a daytime look by adding a pop of color with an intricate necklace ($36 at The Dress Shop), a denim jacket, and a stack of arm bangles ($19 each at The Dress Shop): the perfect outfit for an afternoon art gallery romp that just may spontaneously turn into an evening of cocktails and a hot dinner date.

And the best part? You feel like you’re in the softest and sexiest wetsuit ever made.

No tugging to adjust your waist band or fidgeting to fix a strap- this dress is so body-friendly I felt like I could somersault in it or go strike tree poses at Power Yoga Buffalo.

The store manager of The Dress Shop, Halley Shaw, happens to own at least two of these M-Rena dresses herself and told me that M-Rena is always a staple designer when they do their buying each season.

In contrast to their apparel, I learned they almost never buy from the same designer twice when picking jewelry.

This explained why I had such a hard time deciding what to accessorize with.

A pet peeve of mine is to run into someone wearing the same necklace or piece of jewelry as me.

Whenever it happens, I sarcastically think to myself, “Wow, way to be different, Alyssa…”.

With something such as a necklace that can be so self-expressive, I love finding jewelry in places that I know no one else will be prancing around in. I was excited to find this store had exactly that—a perfect way to spice up the simplicity of my somber-toned dress.

So, dare-to-be different hemlines and personalized neck bling? I’m not scared, and you shouldn’t be either.

In a world full of the same old maxi skirts and J-crew necklaces, I challenge you to test the midi-skirt flirt and stop being afraid to be a leader in the year of the calf. 

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(All photos are courtesy of Buffalo.com photographer Don Nieman. Special thanks to The Dress Shop and Buffalo Big Print art gallery for allowing Buffalo.com to take photos inside their spaces.)

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