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Weird world of handmade Bills paraphernalia - PHOTOS

Buffalo Bills booties

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Take a look at at our tailgating galleries, and you’ll see that Buffalo Bills fans have a funny way of expressing their hometown team pride.

From bedazzled Bills thongs to old-school Bills sunglasses, there’s no shortage of bizarre gear at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I can’t help but wonder where these particular items are purchased, and I think I found the answer: Etsy.com.

The online shop that sells vintage and handmade crafts boasts quite an bulky selection of questionable fan gear. Here are a few of my favorite weird finds:

Bills booties
Bills booties

Bills thong
Buffalo Bills thong
There’s also one for the dudes.

Bills medical ID tag
Buffalo Bills medical ID tag

Bills caketopper
Bills custom caketopper

Bills underwear set
Custom Bills corset

Bills tutu
This just feels wrong.

Buffalo Bills kippah
Hey, if you’re Jewish, Sundays aren’t the sabbath, so get your game face on with this Bills kippah.

Bills doll clothes
This Bills doll makes me want to shout ... BLOODY MURDER.

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