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It seems as though there are about a hundred country music concerts this summer. From last week’s Tim McGraw performance to this week’s Sugarland show, you can’t escape the cowboy boots-wearing crowd.

For those girls and guys who aren’t seasoned pros on the country music circuit, dressing for a show might present a challenge. You want to fit in with the crowd without looking like you’re wearing a costume. So what should you wear?

1. A cowboy hat

Western New York isn’t exactly the type of place where cowboy hats are the norm, so a country concert and Halloween are basically your only opportunities to wear one without risking awkward questions about where you tethered your horse. I’m in favor of a classic straw cowboy hat – especially because an authentic ten-gallon hat would look ridiculous on anyone but the most seasoned cowboy – but I’ll grudgingly allow you to wear any color or style you want.

2. Jeans or jeans shorts

A great pair of jeans seems to be a requirement for attending a country concert. Denim is a country music staple and you won’t be the only one rocking you trusty blue jeans. Girls, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of cutoffs or some skinny or boot cut jeans. For guys, stick with well-fitting straight leg denim – I absolutely forbid the wearing of jorts by anyone of the male gender.

3. Floral, paisley, or plaid shirts

Plaid is an obvious choice, but a floral or paisley tank is a good way to switch it up and stand out from the crowd (for girls, anyway. Guys, a floral tank top seems like a good way to get beat up). If you choose something in a floral print, make sure the flowers are small and in muted tones (pale pinks, browns, light blues and greens) – a top with large, bright flowers isn’t exactly right for this occasion. And if you’re wearing a button down, feel free to tie it up at the waist or hips – this trend is back, girls, and it’s a great excuse to show off those abs you’ve been working so hard on.

When it comes to plaid for girls or guys, be careful. It’s all too easy to resemble a lumberjack if you go with a thick flannel, so pick a shirt that’s a thinner material and fits loosely

4. Cowboy boots

For the rest of the fashion world, cowboy boots go in and out of style, but for country music fans, they’re always right on trend. Worn with jeans for guys, or a sun dress or shorts for girls, cowboy boots instantly add some country flair to any outfit. Perfect for dancing or tramping through the fields at Darien Lake, cowboy boots are the only footwear you should be donning for your forays onto the country music scene.

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