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What to wear, where: Harry Potter midnight premiere

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You bought your tickets well in advance. You’ve reread every book in the series. You know enough spells to duel Voldemort himself. But do you know what you’re wearing to the midnight premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II”?

If you’re attending the midnight showing of the final installment, it’s pretty clear you’re a Potter fanatic and will be surrounded by fellow Potter fanatics as you laugh, cry and cheer your way through the eighth film. Don’t be embarrassed to look like the diehard fan you are: dress in the most creative and stylish Potter gear you can conjure.

Fans have been dressing as Harry for years, so for the final film, think outside the box. Choose a more obscure character for the premiere – this is your last chance to go all out.


This could be challenging considering the temperature is supposed to climb into the 80s, but movie theaters are air conditioned. Suck it up and wear an enormous furry overcoat. Hagrid also requires a bushy beard and some long, shaggy hair. A gigantic black dog would be a nice touch, but maybe that’s going overboard.


The heroic house elf is killed off in the seventh film, so what better way to pay him tribute than donning full house elf regalia? This, of course, means a hand towel made into a tunic, so I would suggest something a little more modest if you’re heading out in public – a flat sheet will accomplish this task nicely. Throw on some enormous bat-like ears and you’re all set.

Professor Trelawney:

This is your chance to dress like a homeless gypsy. Professor Trelawney favors head scarves and layers upon layers of loose skirts, vests, and blouses. Pile on the bangles, long beaded necklaces, and glasses that magnify your eyes to twice their size, and you’ll be the spitting image of the Hogwarts Divination professor. Don’t forget to tease your hair and carry a crystal ball.

Mad-Eye Moody:

Moody kicked it in the first few minutes of Part I, so he deserves a tribute as well. Dig out your peg leg and flask and you’ll look the part of the tough-as-nails Auror. Mad-Eye was usually a little mangy, so you might want to stop showering and brushing your hair now in preparation and hit up the nearest thrift store to find a replica of Moody’s beat-up overcoat. The hardest part will probably be his mad eye, but fashioning something out of an eye patch and fake eye ball will probably do the trick. Now that I’ve described Mad-Eye’s attire, I’m convinced he may have been a pirate.

Dolores Umbridge:

Although unpopular, Umbridge had a pretty killer wardrobe. Borrow your grandmother’s tweed suit, layer on the pearls, and plug in the hot rollers. Dressing like Umbridge requires an uncommon amount of pink and lots of giggling, so you’ve really got to commit to this look. Prepare for a lot of insults and possibly things thrown at you.

Bellatrix Lestrange:

Anyone else think Bellatrix is awesome? No, just me? Well, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong in a Bellatrix costume. She’s pure evil and relishes the opportunity to torture people – my kind of lady. For Bellatrix, a long, curly black wig is required to mimic her disheveled locks. A form-fitting black gown is Bella’s typical uniform, but don’t be afraid to throw in some black leather and lace. I am also not opposed to a more badass interpretation that involves black leather hot pants. Oh, and make sure you act like a total witch.

photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

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