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Write it down, brides-to-be: Boutique. Bridal. Party.

The Boutique Bridal Party is slated for Feb. 28 in downtown Buffalo.

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Planning a successful wedding celebration is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks that one will ever undertake—and, ideally, you really don’t get many chances to get it right.

If you’re going to commit to the time-consuming work of finding a talented (and available) photographer, selecting the perfect dresses and decorations, finding the right stylist, sampling truckloads of cake, and all of the other decisions and tasks that go into the wedding of your dreams—or, more likely, the best wedding that you can afford—than you should have fun while you’re doing it, right? And if you’re spending a small fortune, you want to direct those dollars towards people who enjoy, appreciate and trust, yes? Of course.

Several of Western New York’s top independent wedding vendors will be on hand in downtown Buffalo when the Boutique Bridal Party kicks off at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28 at the Pearl Street Greenhouse and Courtyard Rooms inside the Hotel @ Lafayette (391 Washington St., Buffalo). According to the event listing on Facebook, the event will “...cultivate an intimate and personal experience for the brides to meet a curated collection of wedding artisans,” and—good news—you won’t have to block out an entire Saturday or Sunday to take care of business.

Want a drink? Probably, right? After all, you’re just getting off of work and you’re diving into wedding planning. Just typing that sentence made me want a drink. Good news: the Boutique Bridal Party will feature a special selection of cocktails for guests, as well as complimentary hors d’oeuvres. You can also expect “...trunk shows, boutique displays, mini-performances & more. Each vendor will have a special item available for you to win! And, first 75 brides to arrive receive a free tote bag to collect all your goodies from the vendors!” Drinks, food, free stuff—I may stop by myself.  A full list of vendors is available at the event website.

Here’s the deal, though—tickets are $8 and are available online, and if you are serious about attending, you need to get them now—there are only a few dozen left. You will be happy to know that 100 percent of the proceeds collected from ticket sales are being donated to Compass House, an organization that serves homeless teens in Buffalo.

If you aren’t a regular visitor to downtown Buffalo or feel slightly intimidated by the driving and parking situation, here are instructions for you to check out so you can efficiently stow your vehicle on the day of the event.

This event was created by made by anatomy and City Lights Studio and is sponsored by Pear Planning and Pearl Street Catering. Visit the website for more information, and enjoy the party.

Photo from brides.com.

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