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WTF, Forever21?

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For nearly every female between the ages of 12 and 35, a trip to Forever 21 is a necessity on every mall visit. We love the brand for its cheap, trendy clothes and its even cheaper, trendier accessories, so when the retail giant produces hideous, frightening, and overall cringe-inducing garments, we tend to pretend we didn’t just see that and move on to the next rack.

But blogger Rachel Kane, creator of the blog WTForever21.com, has finally admitted what the rest of us loyal shoppers would not. Kane finds the clothing and accessories that should be relegated to the lowest circle of fashion hell and features them on her blog, along with her snarky comments that made me LOL so hard, I was in tears. 


When describing this Marilyn Monroe/American flag-hybrid tank top, Kane said:

“For SHAME, Forever 21. That is our FLAG. And you’ve shamelessly whored it up with lipstick and fake eyelashes. You just HAD to add rhinestones. The addition of rhinestones meant whoever designed this shirt, after taking Old Glory and making her look like she’d been rode hard and put away wet, then slapped Marilyn Monroe’s face on this … thing, looked it over and said to themselves, “More. It needs MORE … RHINESTONES.”


And her views on the ram’s head ring weren’t any kinder:

“Look, how cute. It’s the severed and bronzed head of the smallest ram on the planet. When I look at this all I can see is a stop motion cartoon of a Ken doll waking up in the morning to find this thing and an ounce of blood in the sheets of his Malibu Dream House bed. Forever 21, why do you make me make Godfather references?”

Unfortunately for Kane, however, Forever 21 isn’t laughing. The retailer recently sent Kane a cease-and-desist letter and, when she neither ceased nor desisted, the company threatened her with a lawsuit for trademark infringement and defamation. Judging by the size of the Galleria Mall’s Forever 21 store, the brand is not short on funds, and could likely crush Kane’s blog in a legal battle.

Although it’s questionable whether WTForever21.com will survive for much longer, check it out while you still can - not only for the horrifying apparel, but for a good dose of wit as well.

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