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How to spot a fake New Era hat

The production of counterfeit hats is hurting locally-based business New Era Cap Co. -- so much so that U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer is asking government agencies to crack down on cap bootleggers.

Schumer said that the illegitimate hat makers are hurting New Era's sales -- $300 million in sales, to be precise -- and damaging the company's reputation,
The Buffalo News reports.

As part of the push to end counterfeit cap production, Schumer is asking U.S. agencies to shut down websites that sell fake products, find the sources of counterfeit merchandise and pressure the Chinese government to pay attention to factories that produce fakes.

"We will not tolerate others making money through the sale of poor quality, imitated products being peddled as authentic," New Era CEO Christopher H. Koch said in a statement.

New Era has been able to identify counterfeit hats, which typically are of a lower quality and do not include telltale design elements that a true New Era product would feature, but they haven't been able to find all the counterfeiting culprits.

Even die-hard New Era fans have created YouTube videos to help potential New Era customers identify and avoid fakes when buying. Here are a few videos from YouTube that walk viewers through some of the differences between real and counterfeit products:

Photo courtesy of Flickr / gabrielcesarros.

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