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Kathryn and I learned of this hybrid ladies night a few months ago, and we've been searching for just about any excuse to check it out "for work." Turns out, it's right in line with the kind of stuff we love discovering in Buffalo and sharing with our Buffalo.com viewers.

Martinis and manicures go together like -- well, martinis and manicures. This "Sex and the City" inspired weekly event is the brainchild of Bill Panzica, owner of
Chocolate Bar on Chippewa and other locations scattered throughout the United States. Looking for a way to beef up profits on slow Monday evenings at his Cleveland location, Panzica thought up the ultimate ladies' night, and Martinis and Manicures Mondays were born.

The concept is simple: buy a martini (about $10), get a free manicure on the spot. Don't expect a the full-blown spa experience. Nail technicians won't clips nails or cuticles in the restaurant, but they will file ragged edges and apply a cute coat of color. Be sure to arrive early for the 7 to 10 p.m. weekly event. Chocolate Bar staff members keep a list of customers who want manicures, and the list gets a little lengthy. If the list gets too long, customers sometimes get turned away, but they're offered a prime spot on the list for the following Monday, Panzica said.

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