What's my name?! - Contest Winners

Our monsters are no longer anonymous! Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank-you to everyone who took the time to submit names, spread the word about the contest on social media and to vote on the finalists. The monsters – or should I say Loganberry, Griffin, Hot Wing, Chomp, Handsy, and Hertel + Mertle – appreciate your hard work. By the way, if you see Hertel + Mertle around the city, please let us know…they’ve been gone since Saturday.

Name: Loganberry

Winner: Danielle Potts

This guy was dubbed “The Raspberry Wookie” on Twitter, and he’ll always kind of be The Raspberry Wookie to us. Loganberry is a nice name, though, and we can easily envision this cool character riding The Comet with nonchalant aplomb.

Name: Griffin

Winner: Lindy Feider

This name made SJ particularly happy, as she is a Canisius College graduate. The gold mane is indeed reminiscent of the colors donned by our well-educated friends on Main Street, although our Griffin seems like a bit of a cheerier fellow than the winged Canisius mascot, Petey.

Name: Hot Wing

Winner: Molly Lundquist

Perhaps the most controversial winner of the bunch. Does Hot Wing look like a chicken wing to you? Did we want Buffalo.com to be tied to the somewhat stereotypical local legacy of deep fried flappers? The voters liked the name, though, and Hot Wing - with over 47% of the vote – carried the contest.

Name: Chomp

Winner: Lillian Chase Smith Selby

A relatively tight contest – Chomp earned 51% of the vote, and “Oliver” was second at 42%. “Furnace” was third with just 7% of the vote. We are kind of interested about who chose “Furnace,” and why. It was such a weird name that we liked it and floated it to see what people thought of it. Not much, apparently! Chomp was the clear winner. Keep those teeth away from Hot Wing, big guy – this could get ugly.

Name: Handsy

Winner: Ian Clark Gullick

Surprisingly, not a lot of suggested names referred to this monster’s googly eyes. Also surprising: this character had the most feminine name suggestions. Does Handsy look like a female to you? I never really thought about monster gender until we had an office discussion on the subject that quickly turned into an angry battle between the sexes. In other news, several of us will soon begin sensitivity training.

Name: Hertel + Mertle

Winner: Tammy O’Keefe Braunscheidel

Everyone loves these goofy little guys. This was the runaway winner of the competition: Hertel + Mertle took 66% of the vote, a landslide that buried the other two options (Ricky + Lucy, Rosa + Azul).