Ah, man.

That means that "user_main/register" ain't here. I looked for it man, I really did, but I don't see it anywhere. I'd try the search in the orange box up top, or click around the nav bar, or maybe the links down below. It's gotta be somewhere, but as you may have noticed we just completed renovated the place, and we're still unpacking because we had to go stay at a motel on Route 33 for a couple of months.

I know how that feels, when you're looking for something, and you know it was like, right there, and now it's gone. It's like that time after me and my roommate Carl moved, and I'm trying to cook some dinner, and I can't find my spices. I got a big collection of spices, because I like my food to have - you know - flavor, and so I unpack one box but I can't find the other. And I know I packed two because I wrote on one "Spices: 1 of 2" right on the box! And Carl says, "I haven't seen it man, I dunno. Maybe you meant to pack two, and quit after packing the first." Yeah, right Carl.

So I go out and buy some tumeric, because I'm making a curry. And the problem is that recipes only ever call for something like half a teaspoon, but the stuff only ever comes in bags of, like, half a frickin' pound, and so one bag of tumeric lasts for years.

Then a month later I go down to the basement and what do I see? A box with "SPICES: 2 of 2" on it, stuck behind Carl's of old issues of Guitar World. So now I've got two bags of tumeric which is like, a freaking 10 year supply. Man. Carl.

So you know that I know how you feel about your "user_main/register". I really do.